Scan Barcodes without custom apps or hardware

Send directly to your own API, Spreadsheet or Email.

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Get started in 5 minutes:

1. Configure Account

Configure where Barcodigo sends your scanned barcodes:

  • Send to your own API
  • Add to a Google Sheet/Excel Spreadsheet
  • Send via email

2. Download Mobile App

Open our specifically built Android/iOS scanning app, that will scan all barcode formats and send the data directly to you chosen integrations.

3. Start Scanning

Log in to the app and start scanning. Record outgoing package tracking numbers in spreadsheets, add stock to your POS system or any other use where a barcode can improve your workflow.


Barcodigo will allow your business or organisation to use barcodes without the cost of physical scanners, or custom built apps.

  • Get started quickly

    Sign up, download the app and get scanning. No build times, no hardware procurement.

  • Connect your own API

    Scan barcodes directly into your own infrastructure without needing to deploy your own application.

  • Audit ready

    Trace who scanned what with user management and scanning history all recorded in audit logs.

  • Easy to use

    Simple to use app can be used to scan for multiple purposes. E.g Easily switch between clients to scan incoming and outgoing packages.

  • Strong security

    Use your data, and leave the security to us. All data is stored in GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 compliant infrastructure.

If you need help understanding how Barcodigo can improve your business processes, contact our support team.